Realistically, no. In normal situations, you won’t notice any difference at all.

When you share your Karma Go, you also share your speed, but most of the time this will never affect you.

If everyone around you is trying to stream Game of Thrones at the same time, then that might be an issue. To solve: team up and watch together.

At the moment, you aren’t able to remove any devices from your Karma Go, or block new ones from joining it.

This is possibly a feature we might explore for future Karma.

While we would never discourage you from sharing, we currently limit sharing rewards to one reward per person every 30 days. You can earn new rewards every 30 days, so feel free to get out there and share.

Of course not. Rewards you earn from sharing, whether data or referral credits, are yours until you use them.

Definitely not.

When others connect to your Karma Go, they’ll need to do so using their own account and their own data. Everyone picks up their own tab here.

Turning off our sharing feature isn’t possible, as this is a core part of the Karma experience.

If you’re worried about your connection quality being affected, don’t be. This feature is designed to make sure that your internet connection stays strong even when others are connected to it.

Definitely let us know if you have feedback on this feature. We’re always listening.

We feel strongly about staying personal and making new Karma customers feel welcome. Your name and picture all play a part in that.

We don’t show any other information about you, so you’ll never have to worry in regards to that.

Basically, as a thank you from us.

Every time another person uses Karma, our community grows a little bigger. When you share your connection, you’re helping us out, and we feel we should return the favor.

After all, we’re not called Karma for nothing.

This is the best part of Karma.

Refuel accounts are not restricted to any single Karma Go. This means you get the freedom to connect to any Karma Go in the US, and still use your own account. Talk about convenience.

And, you can still use any Karma Go to get online if you have a Pulse account, as long as its owner already updated it to support Pulse accounts.

In short: so you can earn free data.

We add 100MB to your account every 30 days whenever someone new connects to your Karma Go. The person connecting also gets 100MB free to try if they’re new to Karma. It’s a win-win.

Take note: Each person connecting only uses your Karma Go to get internet from us, not from you. Their connection is isolated from yours and they use their own data only. uses cookies to ensure you get the best experience on our website. By continuing to browse our site, you accept the use of cookies.